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LIMITED TIME OFFER:  Set up a shop and get $10! 

Just open a new and approved shop with at least 4 different items listed for sale by September 30, 2014 and keep it opened a minimum of 90 days and we'll send you $10 (via PayPal).  It's just that easy!

Powerful Selling Tools That Are Easy To Use

CSV Inventory Import Tool
Already have a shop on a site like Etsy or ArtFire?  Great! The hard work has already been done. You can easily download a copy of your listings as a .CSV file and upload them to your Trinksy shop in minutes!  Click here for full details on how to upload your Etsy or ArtFire listings.

Get Paid Right Away

We use PayPal to securely process order payments. When an order is placed you are paid directly by your customer minus our commission.


Custom Coupon Codes
Offer your best customers a either a flat dollar amount or percentage discount on your items.  You can specify the expiration date and even require a minimum purchase amount.  It's also a great social marketing tool for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Add Your Shop to Facebook
With a few clicks you can offer your Facebook fans easy access to your Trinksy shop right from your Facebook profile! This easy to use tool adds a tab to your profile that is filled with just your Trinksy shop items.  Click here for more information

Run A Sale
Markdowns and discounts are a great way to generate sales while clearing out inventory. You're in control of which items are discounted at how much for how long.

Design Deals
The Daily Deal type feature allows our shop owners to harness the power of limited time offers on their items.  It's a great way to move lots of inventory in a short period of time and generate new customers at the same time.

Vacation Mode 
Need a break or taking a vacation?  No problem.  You can easily change your shop status to hide your shop for as long as you need.  When your ready to get back to business, simply change your shop status.

Customize Your Shop
As a shop owner you can customize your Trinksy shop to match your style by adding a logo, shop banner and rich html text.


Still Have Questions? We're Here To Help!


Why Sell on Trinksy?

  • What Can You Sell?

    We're looking for high quality designed and limited run items like art prints, vinyl toys, screen printed tees etc.  If it will fit in one of our categories you can sell it.

    We're not looking for supplies, kind of "vintage" or run of the mill mass merchandise "As Seen On TV".

    All shops are subject to reviewal and approval prior to posting an item.  Once you've registered, simply select "Open A Shop?" from "My Account" to apply.  Here you can breifly tell us a little about you and provide a few images (or links to images) of your items.  

    If after review we feel your items are a good fit for our marketplace, you'll be notified on approval.

    Shops Made Simple

    At Trinksy we don't charge set up fees, listing fees or monthly fees. It's just 10% commission when an item actually sells.

    "But, I already have my own website or shop on Etsy or Storenvy etc, why should I open a shop on Trinksy too?"  It's simple.   Having more than one shop location gives you additional exposure to more buyers leading to more sales.

    Great Tools And Support

    Need some help?  Our staff is here to answer your questions both by email and live support right from the pages of our site.

    We're Very Social

    We are on all the major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinerest, Wanelo, Keep, Instagram, Tumblr and more. Plus, we have a weekly email update filled with new items. This helps to drive traffic to your shop and lead to additional sales.

    If A Tree Falls In The Woods...

    We submit your shop items and information to major search engines like Google and Yahoo! Besides extensive SEO optimization, we're also advertising and marketing to bring more traffic and buyers.  


    No Credit Card Required

    To make it easy for both our buyers and sellers, we use PayPal for safe and secured order processing and shop payments.



    Open Your Trinksy Shop Today!